An 8 month gap year program for students who want to grow in their faith,
learn more about themselves and their purpose,experience genuine community,

serve others while earning credits for college.


Students who participate in gap year programs have
proven to be far more prepared for the transition to college

and adulthood.



A gap year is about taking a strategic break between two stages in life. For young people this can naturally happen between the end of high school and the start of further education, training, or a full time job.

So many students struggle in college. While they have taken the expected next step and spent a lot of money, they remain unclear about their plans and goals.


The Launch Gap Year is an 8 month Christian gap year experience. Students are able to grow deeper in their relationship with God, learn more about themselves and their purpose, experience authentic Christian community, serve the local community, ​coupled with the opportunity to earn college credit.
Our vision is for students to take a strategic pause to breathe in the fresh air of truth & grace; relax in the reality that​ God is for them; refocus on the transformational truths of the gospel; and launch confidently into the world to live on mission for Jesus.



By senior year, many high school students are exhausted, overwhelmed, tired and for the most part unprepared for their next step.

The pressures during high school for students to “figure out” their future adds an almost overwhelming stress and anxiety, leading to many emotional, psychological,
and spiritual problems.

As much as parents, the church, and para-church ministries do to spiritually prepare their students for life after high school, the reality is that the majority of students are unable and unprepared to live out their faith in the world away from home.

A gap year gives students an opportunity to take a step back, learn more about themselves, discover their gifts and passions, and prepare for their future.


Launch Gap Year might just be the best investment a young person will ever make into their future.




On the shores of Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho, Quaker Hill Camp and Retreat Center is partnering with Launch Gap Year to provide an environment to experience God’s creation.

Located on 72 acres 100 miles north of Boise, the area boasts of a number of breathtaking views, this is theperfect place and opportunity for young adults to take a deep breath, relax, refocus and prepare to launch.

BREATHE in the atmosphere of truth & grace

RELAX in the reality that God is for you

REFOCUS on the transformational truths of the gospel

LAUNCH confidently into the world to live on mission for Jesus

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A typical day for Launch Gap Year students will involve :
• Breakfast together
• Student quiet times
• Small group time to pray and to worship
• Bible classes
• Lunch together
• Afternoons open, for recreation and work
• Dinner together
• Evenings will be spent celebrating the day together,
  watching a good movie, or just hanging out.

Accredited Bible Classes in Partnership with Eternity Bible College


Bible Study Methods

OT Survey I & II

NT Survey

Introduction to Discipleship

Gospel & Culture

Worldview & Apologetics

Non Credited Electives


Spiritual Disciplines

Vocation & Calling

Technology & Faith

Discovering How God has Wired You

Emotional Intelligence

Life Skills:  money management, goal setting, building healthy relationships, etc…

Other Significant Pieces

Discipleship - small groups & one on one

Church Involvement

Service/Outreach into the local communities
(McCall, Donnelly, Cascade, New Meadows)

Work Opportunities

Outdoor Activities

Stateside & Overseas Mission Trips 

Quaker Hill Summer Staff

Climbing Rope



>  God as  King, Savior, & Friend

>  The reliability, and relevance, of Holy Scripture

>   Connection to God’s revelation through His creation

>   Intentional community

>   Relational discipleship

>   Selfless service in the name of Jesus

>   A clear call to live on mission for Jesus

>   Self--discovery for the sake of others 

>   Wisdom for everyday life

> . Gain understanding of our culture and how to live out one’s faith within it



Launch Ministries, Inc. is an interdenominational Christian organization committed to equipping the next generation with an uncompromising Biblical worldview. We believe that there are both essential and nonessential beliefs. While our essential beliefs are nonnegotiable, our nonessential beliefs are held with a sense of humility which allow us to “agree to disagree” on certain issues. Here’s what we consider to be essentials…

  • The Bible, the Old and New Testaments, is uniquely God-inspired and completely truthful and trustworthy. It is the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and life, and accurate in all that it affirms.

  • There is one God, Creator of all things, Who alone is to be worshiped. God is infinite, perfect and eternally self-existent as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • The Father is holy, almighty, loving, the source of all goodness and truth, and it is He who determined to gather a people for Himself.

  • Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, died on the cross, was bodily raised from the dead on the third day, and is coming again according to the Scriptures.

  • The Holy Spirit draws sinners to Christ. The Holy Spirit, Who every believer receives upon becoming a Christ-follower, guides, empowers, and convicts of sin.

  • We are created in God’s image, but are alienated from God because of sin and now live in a sin-damaged world. Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins, God restores, reconciles, and redeems those who place their faith (personal trust) in the person, and work, of Jesus Christ.

  • When Christ returns, the dead will be raised bodily, believers to eternal life with the Lord and unbelievers to final judgment.

  • We believe in the unity and common priesthood of all true believers, who together form one universal Church, the Body of which Christ is the Head.




ROCK BROWN   Executive Director


Rock Brown, the founder and Executive Director of Launch Ministries & The Launch Pad Program is a graduate of Boise State University (BA Secondary Education) and Western Seminary (Masters of Divinity).  Rock has been in full time ministry since 1986 (Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Ministries, INC, local church pastor, and church planter).  His passion in life is simple: pass on the faith to the next generation!  Rock has been married to the love of his life since 1989 and has four amazing children and two incredible daughters-in-law.


BRENDA BALL  Director of Operations


Investing in relationships - especially her marriage, kids & grandkids - is what matters most to Brenda. With a background in business, church and para-church ministry, her favorite space with organizations is identifying strengths and facilitating programs and processes to maximize effectiveness. She feels so blessed to be part of this team! Her favorite things are summer bike rides with her hubby, meaningful conversation with her kids and laughing hysterically while playing with her grandkids.


ANDREA PRIEBE  Administration


Andrea joined the Launch Ministries team in January of 2013. She alongside her husband have been serving in full time ministry since 2000. Andrea loves all things Africa (her homeland), her church (True Hope-Collister) and her family (an amazing husband and three precious kiddos).

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